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Whistleblower Lawyers:
Helping You Stand Up for What’s Right Regardless of Who Committed the Wrong

unique representation

Unique Representation

One of our lawyers is a practicing pain management doctor who provides a unique perspective to your case.

Our priorities

Our Priorities

Client satisfaction is always our top priority at Gallagher & Lipshutz.

Winning cases

We Win

Our number one goal is to fight with you, for you.

No fees

No Recovery,
No Fee

If for any reason there is no recovery, then you do not owe us any fees.


We Provide Unique Medical Expertise

We’re a different kind of law firm that takes a personalized and expert approach to your case. What sets us apart is our rare combination of legal prowess and deep understanding of the medical field. Dr. Lipshutz, a seasoned medical professional, brings a unique perspective to whistleblower cases. His firsthand experience allows for a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in exposing healthcare fraud.


We Understand Nevada’s Nuances

Gallagher & Lipshutz not only boasts legal expertise but also an intimate familiarity with Nevada’s courts, judges, and local attorneys. This local insight provides a strategic advantage, ensuring that your case is navigated with precision and a nuanced understanding of the specific dynamics at play. With us, you're not just hiring attorneys; you’re gaining allies deeply invested in the well-being of your community and committed to pursuing justice on your behalf.

Types of Cases We Handle

We assist whistleblowers in exposing those committing fraud against the government by bringing actions under the federal and state False Claims Acts and other whistleblower laws. These laws allow whistleblowers to step forward to bring the wrongdoing to light and share in the government’s recovery. These laws also protect whistleblowers from retaliation by their employers.





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